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Update (May 29): the Starlink "train" event is now mostly over. The Starlink satellites have spread out a lot, and only a few are visible to the naked eye now, and appear as single dots of light, not a line.

Thanks for your interest in watching Starlink, and if you've developed an interest in watching the beautiful night sky, you can keep track of upcoming night sky events, participate in stargazing communities near you, or hang out in astronomy and space groups. There's always something amazing happening in the night sky and space! :)

Did this page work? Yes, according to the people who contacted me to report successful sighting using this tool. It was mentioned on a couple of press websites, resulting in about 105,577 unique visitors who searched 136,194 times, in the 4 days this page was online. Thank you to all the people who helped more people see this amazing event, and I'd love to hear about your starlink sightings.

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