Track Starlink Satellites

Feb 10, 2020: This page calculates when the Starlink satellites will be visible above your location. Starlink-3,4 NEW (Jan 29 2020), Starlink-2 OLD (Jan 7 2020) and Starlink-1 OLD (Nov 2019) are tracked here. The Starlink effect is quite amazing to see (video)!

Does this page work? Yes, while there are no guarantees, lots of people and press have confirmed successfully seeing Starlink using this page (is rank #2 on Google). Please let me know if you see the satellite using this page (or if you don't). Thanks!

You can also install this page as an app on your phone (developed by my friend), which lets you set reminders for Starlink visibility: iPhone or Android.

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If you were interested in Starlink-3,4 NEW (Jan 29 2020), then sorry, no timings with good visibility were found in the next 10 days. This can change in the coming weeks, as the satellites are changing their orbit.

If you'd like, I can automatically email you a few days before Starlink-3,4 will be visible over your location (no spam, promise):  

Select your city:

or choose Latitude: Longitude: (can ignore city if setting lat/long)

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